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How Investment Banks are getting involved in cryptocurrency investing

During 2017 investment banks were observers in relation to investing in the cryptocurrency asset class. Some banks even declared cryptocurrency as a bubble and something which will disappear into the abyss over the coming years. However, what they say publicly and what they have dedicated teams locked up in...

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How payment and technology companies are embracing cryptocurrency

Many global technology companies have long seen how blockchain is going to transform their respective industries. These companies have made it a priority over the past years to start formulating and building a blockchain solution. We’ve outlined below a few examples around how over recent months some payment and...

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Cryptochain capital to deploy further investments into crypto hedge funds

As the cryptocurrency market approaches its lowest point since October 2017, Cryptochain Capital sees this as a prime opportunity to double down on our capital already deployed across the market. Its our belief at Cryptochain Capital, that the crypto asset class is only in its infancy and the medium...

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