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Characteristics of attractive cryptocurrency hedge funds

At Cryptochain Capital we have developed a vetting formula we utilise when analysing potential cryptocurrency hedge funds to deploy capital to. Our formula is broken down into 3 key components being Performance, Investment Procedures, and Operational Procedures. We don’t necessary rate any component more than another, rather we are...

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Apollo Capital Crypto Hedge Fund

Apollo Capital claims to be Australia’s first crypto hedge fund. They aim to achieve exceptional returns by investing in digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Initial Coin Offerings. The Apollo Capital hedge fund investment strategy is to deliver exceptional returns to crypto investors by focusing on four key areas....

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Managing cryptocurrency price volatility and diversification through a crypto hedge fund

The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile and operates 24/7 every week of the year. This provides an excellent opportunity to experience great returns but also increases the exposure to negative returns. The resources available to leading crypto hedge funds allows them to reduce the downside risk around negative returns....

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