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Cryptochain Capital Evolves Investment Strategy Through Diversification

As per our latest results, Cryptochain Capital Australia’s first cryptocurrency hedge fund of funds achieved a 43% return during our first month of investments. The first 4 crypto hedge funds we gained exposure across were based around directional strategies in long based funds. These directional strategies include: Exclusive/Early Access...

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XBT Investments Limited

XBT Investments Limited is aiming to be the first Australian Bitcoin focused exchange traded fund. XBT Investments Limited has been founded by BitFunds who are one of the first cryptocurrency asset managers in Australia. They are planning to list their XBT Investments Limited fund on the ASX via an...

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Crypto Revolution Investments – CRI

Crypto Revolution Investments (CRI) like other Australian cryptocurrency hedge funds are claiming to be Australia’s first digital asset fund in the cryptocurrency space but have been performing a “private trial” for all of 2017. From their roadmap they started the crypto fund journey in Quarter 1 2017 when they...

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